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5 great denim look styles for the workplace

The popularity of denim knows no end. Whether it’s jeans washed to butter soft baby blue perfection or dyed deep and weathered true blue, denim jeans always have our backs. As most people return to work, finding great denim look styles for the workplace has become even more important as we shed our comfy sweats and fleece joggers. Structured denim look styles for the workplace have become the heir apparent to relaxation wear but, with an edge.

It’s no secret that denim cleans up well and when it's dressed up or down, denim can be worn in the workplace. Jeans wear styles translated into structured jackets; high-waist wide leg pants, tailored dresses or sweeping boho inspired skirts are now standard fare.

Save the jeans with well-placed rips and tears for your off time if you really want the green light to wear jeans at the office. The object of the game is to wear denim that doesn't look like you're wearing denim.

One of the best ways to introduce denim to your fashion repertoire are with chic faux denim styles by Woke Creations. These items offer a denim look with wrinkle free, body hugging athleisure stretch, have excellent fabric recovery, are all machine washable, colorfast and dare I say super cute! Just add a white shirt, blouse, jacket or mock neck, and go! It travels well.

And, unlike traditional heavyweight denim jeans, Woke Creations' styles are lighter and layer over or under whatever look you want to create. Light denim, dark denim or denim friendly looks, you decide.

For a free styling on how to incorporate these 5 great denim look styles for the workplace, book now.

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