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Cocktail dresses and accessories that'll wow at the wedding

Bridal season is upon us and according to United States wedding statistics published by the website, 2.6 million nuptials are expected to take place throughout the year 2022. This growth in wedding events is a direct reflection of postponed or newly initiated marriages deferred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was only two years ago when we wouldn’t dream of participating in group gatherings or even small celebrations for that matter. Now that pandemic restrictions have eased, people are chomping at the bit to socialize and of course, jump the broom.

The increase in weddings and other social events naturally sparks an uptick in the need for fabulous cocktail dresses and other accessories to wear. Sure, you could make due by pulling something to wear from deep inside the back of your closet but who wants to do that?

Pattern mix shawl in pastel pink colors, florals and natural animal print accents.
Oversized scarves are a great addition to a cocktail dress as a shawl or train.

Hell, it’s been two years since anyone has seen us in an ensemble that didn’t include fleece joggers or yoga pants so in celebration of our new found freedom to accept invitations to special events, women are hunting for cocktail dresses and accessories that wow at the wedding.

And there are so many cocktail dress options to choose from. Woman can choose from an array of high/low hemlines, soft cotton candy colors, Bridgerton floral prints, lace or sequins and iridescent satins. There are fit and flare silhouettes, pencil thin bodycon designs or sleeveless tank dresses with scoop necklines or low plunge. With this breadth and depth of assortment, there’s generally no mention of our need for comfort chic.

Woman in multi rose floral print tank dress with pink ground.
Woke Creations Garden Party Bodycon Floral Print Dress

Imagine being able to attend a wedding in cocktail fashions that provide the comfort of lifestyle yoga wear with the look of statement dressing? If your dance card is chockfull of bridal affairs post pandemic, it's amazing the amount of time women will use finding the perfect cocktail dress this bridal season.Enter New York based designer collection Woke Creations.

A floral bouquet that is shaped in the form of a belt.
A unique bouquet belt that is guaranteed to grab attention.

The brand specializes in a collection of dresses and accessories that make women look great and feel better. Woke Creations' dresses are for the woman that is seen and wants to be seen. Their dresses, separates and accessories are designed primarily in show stopping statement prints in silhouettes that can be dressed up or down, layered, mixed and matched for a chic, fashionable look.

Designer Susan Van Brackle says, "Fashion and wellness have a symbiotic relationship. When women look great, they feel better. That's the premise of Woke Creations. Our brand is designed to wake up a woman's wardrobe." The Woke Creations line is available via, and other marketplaces.

Vibrant scarf print dressing makes a statement and adds punch to cocktail dresses that wow at the wedding. Wear your hair up when you add these drop and dangle canary yellow earrings that match back to the yellow and blue number that appears above.

Personal styling for any upcoming event can be arranged through the Woke Creations website. And remember, it’s bad form to show up at any wedding and outshine the bride ;-)


Woke Creations


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