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Baby, it's Cold Outside! Faux Fur is the Darling of Winter Outerwear

Faux fur has really leveled up.. There was a time not so long ago that the push from real fur to faux fur was met with huge resistance. Wearers of real fur found there were so few attractive faux fur options that they wouldn't be seen in it, including me!

Now fiber manufacturers have markedly improved the look and feel of faux fur and vegan leather products to the point that it's almost impossible to discern what's real and what's imagined. Moreover, faux fur is multi-functional and machine washable so feel free to curl up on your couch in it with your favorite cup of coffee or layer your faux fur poncho over a pair of leather leggings and knee high boots for an evening out with the gals

Designers are creating faux fur and leather looks that are an artful blend of modacrylic, acrylic and polyester fibers. Add to this the improved hand feel quality and the wide array of colors and fiber lengths that translate to a better garment for shoppers.

Leopard Print Bucket from Woke Creations keeps you warm and on trend.

At the bottom of it all is the need for people to keep wildlife conservation top of mind and to preserve the many animal species that may be endangered. Woke Creations offers a capsule collection of faux fur accessories and accessories with vegan leather treatments such as:

  • Faux Fur Bucket Hats

  • Faux fur and vegan leather styles

  • Faux fur gloves and vest

  • Faux fur ponchos


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