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5 Great Ways to Wear a Sexy Beach Coverup


A sexy beach coverup is THE fashion must-have of the moment for summer. Beach coverups are generally designed in lightweight, pullover chiffon fabric that is moderately sheer and comes in an array of colors. Others are styled with an open front and may come in vibrant colored viscose. Then there are oversized scarves that can double as a wrap around sari, sarong or shawl. Each style and fabrication packs extremely well and are a go-to item for your #travel arsenal.

Beach coverups can be long, flowing and pack tons of fashion drama or they can be a cute, short beach dress that stops at the knees with fluid dolman or kimono sleeves. Most come in one size since the design spec is meant to drape over the body. Whatever length you choose, there's no limit to the number of ways you can make a statement in a sexy beach coverup.

What's great about the sexy beach coverup is that there's no limit to where or how it can be worn. For instance, you'll have a more casual appearance when it's worn with flip flops or sneakers. Add strappy sandals and you're ready for the club or a night out with your bae. Accessorizing a flowing beach coverup with dangling earrings gives it a boho beach babe look. And, under the hot summer sun, wear it over a wet bathing suit and you'll be dry in no time. There's nothing more cool and comfortable to wear.

Finally, throw your favorite coverup in an oversized beach tote and you'll be pleasantly surprised how well it travels when you arrive looking fabulous and wrinkle free. An oversized beach tote is the perfect carryall accessory that pulls together your complete look with the sexy beach coverup. It doubles as an overnight bag too.

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